Data center solution provider Bruns-Pak has created a showroom on the East Coast of the U.S. to demonstrate their ServerLIFT line of lifting solutions for data center equipment. Located in Bruns-Pak’s Edison, NJ facility, the showroom currently features the ServerLIFT SL-500X Powered Lift, designed to lift, move, and install servers and other heavy IT equipment within the narrow confines of server room aisles.

ServerLIFT – an IT equipment and server handling solutions provider, and Bruns-Pak – a “mission-critical” data center designer and builder, have been working together since June 2017 on some new industry initiatives. Their collaboration has resulted in part with the showroom where guests can visit with Bruns-Pak staff and learn about ServerLIFT solutions, operation, and safety, as well as data center (DC) safety in general. Visitors can access helpful resources highlighting assisted lifting devices (ALDs) and all of ServerLIFT’s data-center solutions.

According to the companies, a lot of data center managers are not even aware that there are server lifts created specifically for the data center environment.

The showroom would benefit the customers of both companies by demonstrating their equipment and services while helping them expand their own professional network and gain access to “industry-critical” information. “We have customers right here, in New Jersey, who would benefit from seeing these popular server lifts in action,” said Mark Evanko, Principal at Bruns-Pak. “It is not safe for the equipment or the data center staff to be removing, transporting, and installing heavy and expensive servers without the help of a motorized server lift such as the SL-500X. Getting hands-on experience with the lifts is going to help them see why these units are a must-have for the more progressive data centers.”

6,000 Data Center Projects

By providing ServerLIFT devices in their showroom, Bruns-Pak experts can work with customers in-house. And, with access to ServerLIFT, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it can help deal with the constant changes of equipment servers and racks. Mr. Evanko urges data center industry leaders to experience the difference between lifting heavy equipment by hand vs. using a data center- designed lifting device.

Bruns-Pak specializes in developing corporate, higher education, healthcare, and public sector technology centers. Since 1980 the company has participated in over 6,000 data center projects that encompass consulting, design/engineering, construction management, general construction, and commissioning services. The new demo room is located at 999 New Durham Road, Edison, NJ 08817.

ServerLIFT Corporation was founded in response to a growing demand for a safer and efficient way to handle servers and other IT equipment in the data center. ServerLIFT Corporation is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and is used in 60 countries worldwide.

Additional services delivered based on demand in today’s marketplace include data center “hybrid,” IT, network, cybersecurity, migration, SaaS, colocation, cloud, container, relocation, and financing services typically associated with these projects. Bruns-Pak can be reached at 888-704-1400 or