Bryan Liles – Digging Deeper into Docker

You’ve heard of Docker. You’ve built some images. You may have even deployed containers to production. What’s next? How do your containers find each other from across the network or across the world? How do you adjust security parameters? What else can you do? Come join Bryan as he does a live exploration of some of the more esoteric functionality of the Docker ecosystem.

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Bio: Bryan Liles works on strategic initiatives for DigitalOcean. In layman’s terms, this means he writes OSS for DigitalOcean and others. Helps communities move their software to the public cloud, and gets to speak at conferences on topics ranging from Machine Learning to how build the next generation of developers. When not thinking about code, Bryan races cars in straight lines and around turns and builds robots and devices.

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Duration: 49:11
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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