BT Assists Financial Services Industry in Preparing for Cloud-based Offerings


As part of its portfolio of industry-specific solutions, telecommunications provider BT has unveiled a service that would assist financial services businesses in taking a controlled approach to cloud adoption. Financial services businesses might benefit from this portfolio of industry-specific solutions that may help them manage the risks and rewards of cloud computing.

BT Cloud Control for Financial Services, as the service is called, would help clients’ IT teams address the challenges they face in balancing the risks and rewards of moving their applications and secure data to the cloud. It may help chart the path to growth and delivering outstanding digital experiences.

BT Cloud Control for Financial Services combines BT’s deep expertise and extensive capabilities in cloud, networking and security services. It builds on the company’s partnerships with top public cloud providers, flexible connectivity into hyperscalers and regional data centers and decades of experience delivering cyber security services and industry-specific solutions. This includes operating the company’s BT Radianz Cloud, one of the world’s largest secured, financial markets cloud communities.

Cloud Migration for Financials

When it comes to apps and data, BT’s security-first strategy assists clients in determining how to secure, enable, or deny access based on business and regulatory requirements. To ensure migration is secure and robust with minimum or no impact on end user experience, experts assist clients identify what to transfer to the cloud and take into consideration all operational, security and regulatory issues. However, BT can provide clients with a software-defined solution that provides agility, automation, and enhanced performance similar to the cloud.

A safe, multi-cloud infrastructure managed by BT with qualified employees, auditable processes and contractual assurances is the ultimate intended outcome for clients within the financial industry.

“Digital transformation in financial services is accelerating at a breath-taking rate and the cloud is playing a huge role in making it happen,” said Louise O’Neill, director, banking & financial services, BT. “Backed with decades of experience in managing cloud, security and networking services for leading banks and insurers, and with a full ecosystem of hyperscale partners, this is a compelling proposition from a trusted partner to help firms on their digital transformation journey.”