BT Offers Corporate Customers the Ability to Connect Directly to Salesforce Through BT Cloud Connect

BT has announced that it will provide its corporate customers with the ability to connect directly to Salesforce through its BT Cloud Connect solution, BT’s “high-performance” connectivity to cloud services. Establishing a managed connection to the Salesforce platform enables BT customers to benefit from the predictable performance and reliability that would come with dedicated connectivity. 

As large corporations move more of their applications to the cloud, they would increasingly be looking for connectivity options that reduce risk and come with assured performance. The new BT service will be rolled out incrementally from February 2016, first in the United States and Europe, and globally thereafter.

bt cloud connect“Organizations look to the cloud to help them manage and access the vast amounts of valuable data they hold, including the crucial customer data at the core of their business,” said Keith Langridge, vice president, Network Services, BT Global Services. “Our vision for a ‘Cloud of Clouds’ makes it easier for organizations to embrace the cloud by providing direct, secure and high performance connectivity to the applications hosted in the cloud. Salesforce is an organization born of the cloud – a true pioneer of the technology – so this is an important milestone in the delivery of our vision.”

BT’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’ vision is based on a new generation of cloud services that would allow large organizations around the world to connect easily and securely to the applications and the data they need, independently of where they are hosted. BT’s global network is connected to more than 200 data centers, including 48 BT-owned and operated data centers.