BT Teams Up with Digital Realty to Unlock Customer Data Value Globally

BT Group Offices

By collaborating with Digital Realty, one of the largest data center operators globally, British Telecom (BT) has taken a big step in improving data accessibility and management for its clients. With this partnership, BT’s Global Fabric Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) will be made available to customers in Digital Realty’s carefully chosen carrier-neutral facilities (CNFs) around the globe.

With a worldwide footprint spanning the best cloud locations in the world, Global Fabric is BT’s newly developed NaaS offering. It is designed to be durable in addition to versatile and adaptable, offering pay-as-you-use connectivity with almost instantaneous control. For IT executives, this solution claims to improve performance and user experience by providing instantaneous, centralized management over connectivity, lowering overall expenses, and guaranteeing compliance.

With more than 300 CNFs spread across six continents, more than 25 countries, and more than 50 metro areas, Digital Realty is positioned to be a major player in the data center sector. These facilities bring together the top cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers globally in one place, establishing a data center platform that serves as an online hub for companies. Through the generation of insightful data, this center combines technology and data to drive digital transformation.

The Global Fabric communication between and within CNFs is made possible by the agreement between Digital Realty and BT. Customers may now customize their connections for data and applications with extra security services thanks to this partnership. No matter where they are located, customers may choose the best paths for their workloads.

ServiceFabric Orchestration Platform

BT customers would now be able to achieve maximum application performance and cost efficiency while addressing growing cybersecurity concerns and upcoming data transit laws thanks to this improved control over data flows. By enabling users to access Digital Realty hosting and colocation services via the Global Fabric marketplace, this project expands on BT’s current product offerings.

The importance of this integration was underlined by Harm Joosse, Global Head of Strategy & Business Development for Service Providers at Digital Realty. He pointed out that clients may successfully handle data gravity concerns by integrating BT’s Global Fabric connection with Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL global data center platform. Through this connectivity, controls and policy management are optimized by bringing users and clouds closer to the data.

Mr. Joosse went on to say that Digital Realty’s ServiceFabric orchestration platform in conjunction with BT’s “cutting-edge” NaaS solution gives businesses tailored, on-demand experiences that are changing network administration and consumption.

BT’s Colin Bannon, CTO of BT Business, emphasized the advantages of cloud service deployment for companies. “While local data deployment benefits suppliers and customers by being closer, he made the point that centralizing this data in a safe and legal way unlocks more value. Chief Information Officers need more control over data flows as data quantities rise. Customers can get the most out of data thanks to the collaboration between Global Fabric and Digital Realty’s platforms, which prevents local data centers from turning into isolated digital black holes.”