Bucket options in Cloud Storage

When we refer to buckets in Cloud Storage, we refer to the buckets – or containers- that hold our important and sensitive data. In this episode of Cloud Storage Bytes, we review configuration, location, and storage class options in Cloud Storage – helping you figure out what settings would best suit your developer needs. Watch to learn useful information about buckets in Cloud Storage!

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Bucket configuration options
0:35 – Naming
0:48 – Location
1:10 – Location Types
1:57 – Storage Class
2:10 – Types of Storage Class
3:00 – Outro

Creating Buckets → http://goo.gle/3uDKD42
Bucket locations → http://goo.gle/3aZ5cje
Storage Classes → http://goo.gle/3q1WJAe

More Cloud Storage Bytes Episodes → https://goo.gle/2KXwxnX
Subscribe to Google Cloud Tech → http://goo.gle/GoogleCloudTech


Product: Cloud Storage; fullname: Jenny Brown;

Duration: 00:03:27
Publisher: Google Cloud
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