Build a pet tracking camera app

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Wanna know what your pet’s up to when you’re not home? Is your dog sleeping on the bed? Is your cat writing software? Maybe. In this episode of Making with ML, Dale Markowitz and Developer Advocate Jason Mayes build an ML powered pet-tracking-cam with the help of Tensorflow.js, Firebase, AutoML, and Slack. Watch to learn how you can build your own DIY pet cam!

0:00 – Intro
1:37 – Architecture Overview
1:56 – Building an Object-Tracking TensorFlow.js Frontend
4:05 – Building a Custom Object-Detection Model with AutoML
5:48 – Firebase + Slack Backend

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Product: Tensorflow.js; Firebase; Vertex AI; AutoML; fullname: Dale Markowitz, Jason Mayes;

Duration: 00:07:17
Publisher: Google Cloud
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