Building a Cloud Native Application from Scratch (Cloud Next '19)

Ready to see some code? Containers, microservices, GKE, and more. Dive deep into application development, building and deploying an app onto Kubernetes clusters managed by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) in the cloud and on-prem! We will use open source solutions from GCP Marketplace to build an example cloud native application that has a front-end exposing a REST endpoint and a persistent back-end communicating with other components through a message broker. We will take additional security and control benefits that Istio brings to Kubernetes. You will also hear from GCP Marketplace, Product Management team about why using GCP Marketplace can save your team, time during application development.

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Speaker(s): Kavitha Radhakrishnan, Kamil Hajduczenia

Session ID: DEV310
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications),Kubernetes Engine,Istio; fullname:Kamil Hajduczenia,Kavitha Radhakrishnan;

Duration: 49:54
Publisher: Google Cloud
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