Building a Global Data Presence with Cloud Bigtable (Cloud Next '19)

Google Cloud enables any business to create a low-latency data presence in many places at once, leveraging a state-of-the-art global network. With Cloud Bigtable’s recently launched multi-region replication offering, a single instance of data — from terabytes to petabytes — can be accessed within or between five different continents, across up to four regions. This solution enables both low-latency data access around the world as well as a fast-failover disaster recovery solution for critical data. Learn how Google’s software-defined WAN works and how Cloud Bigtable uses it for global replication.

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Speaker(s): Carter Page, Subhasree Mandal , Douglas Mcerlean

Session ID: DBS307
product:Cloud Bigtable; fullname:Subhasree Mandal,Douglas Mcerlean,Carter Page;

Duration: 46:37
Publisher: Google Cloud
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