Building a Scalable Digital Asset Management Platform in the Cloud (MED402) | AWS re:Invent 2013

With the breadth of AWS services available that are relevant to digital media, organizations can readily build out complete content/asset management (DAM/MAM/CMS) solutions in the cloud. This session provides a detailed walkthrough for implementing a scalable, rich-media asset management platform capable of supporting a variety of industry use cases. The session includes code-level walkthrough, AWS architecture strategies, and integration best practices for content storage, metadata processing, discovery, and overall library management functionality—with particular focus on the use of Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon CloudSearch. Customer case study will highlight successful usage of Amazon CloudSearch by PBS to enable rich discovery of programming content across the breadth of their network catalog.

Duration: 48:13
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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