Building an API Gateway to Get Out of the Monoliths

Want to know how to scale to dozens of microservices while still keeping the monoliths alive? See why and how DigitalOcean has built their API gateway to do just that.

What You’ll Learn:
What is an API gateway and how you can use it.
The challenges the Edge team at DigitalOcean had to overcome to make sure the migration into microservices wasn’t as bad as staying in the monolith. The importance of communication and self-service solutions for infrastructure.

This Talk is Designed For:
Developers that are starting to think about microservices or that are already running on microservices-based architectures and would like to get a better idea on what and how they can use API Gateways.

Resources + slides:

About the Presenter:
Maurício Linhares is a Senior Engineer on the Edge Team at DigitalOcean and was involved in building our API gateway from its beginnings. He’s passionate about distributed and functional programming, DevOps, and building infrastructure.

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Duration: 01:00:06
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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