Building an API proxy with Apigee

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Want developers to be exposed to your backend services without direct access? Want to make changes to your backend without affecting API consumers? In this video, we show how you can create an API Proxy on Apigee as HTTP endpoints to create a layer over your backend services. Learn how to apply policies to your proxy, make changes, and avoid disruptions for developers until a new version of the API is warranted!

0:00​ – Intro
0:19 – What is an API Proxy
0:32 – Group proxies into a Service Plan
1:00 – Accessing API proxies
1:16 – Visiting Apigee console
1:24 – Create a new proxy
2:08 – Deploy proxy
2:52 – Changing target endpoint to XML
3:46 – Adding a policy to change XML to JSON

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