Building and Securing a Data Lake on Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Next '19)

Building a data lake in the cloud is more than just cheap storage. Join Google Cloud and Hortonworks for a session focused on how to successfully ingest, store, process, secure, and analyze your data on Google Cloud Platform. See how to accomplish end-to-end authentication with your cloud data lake and learn how Google Cloud already supports many of the open-source technologies you may be using. Lastly, see how Cloudera has partnered with Google Cloud to help customers extend their data lakes to the cloud with open-source security tools like Apache Knox.

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Speaker(s): Christopher Crosbie, Julien Phalip, Larry McCay

Session ID: DA221
product:Cloud Dataproc,Cloud Storage; fullname:Christopher Crosbie,Julien Phalip;

Duration: 44:27
Publisher: Google Cloud
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