Building and training ML models with Vertex AI

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How can you build and train ML Models with Vertex AI. When to create your own custom model and when to use AutoML? In this episode of AI Simplified, we speak to the best practices when building and training models in Vertex AI. Moreover, we’ll also demo how you can train an AutoML from scratch using this tool. Watch to learn how Vertex AI makes building and training ML models seamless!

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Two options to train the model in VertexAI – AutoML & Custom
1:35 – When should you write your own model code and when should you use AutoML?
3:44 – Demo to build and train AutoML model in Vertex AI
6:22 – Model evaluation
9:25 – Deploy model to endpoint
10:05 – Prediction from the model
12:13 – Summary

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Product: Vertex AI; fullname: Priyanka Vergadia;

Duration: 00:12:36
Publisher: Google Cloud
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