Building Culture of Collaboration by Shashi Tripathi | ResellerClub CloudBazaar

Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful teams and companies. However it cannot be ordained; only enabled by setting direction and providing tools for it. Collaboration can be made integral to the way a business runs, by weaving it into the culture of the organization. Watch as Shashi Tripathi from Google explains how your organization can enable collaboration at your workplace.

Shashi Tripathi is part of the Channels and Alliances team at Google Cloud India.

ResellerClub ( is a known name in the web hosting industry catering to web professionals all across the globe. CloudBazaar ( by ResellerClub is an annual Conference and Trade Show for the Cloud, Domain and the Hosting Industry, catering to techies and newbies in the web world.

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Duration: 35:42
Publisher: ResellerClub
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