Building land cover maps with AI (Dynamic World)

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What if a map could show how the earth has changed over weeks, months, or years? You don’t need to imagine, Dynamic World shows a bird’s eye view of different resources such as food, ecosystems conservation, urban development, climate change, public health, and much more! Watch to see how anyone can use this free daily dataset to build map applications for ecological insight!

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Dynamic World overview
3:36 – Tanya speaking about Dynamic World
4:48 – Accessing Dynamic World via Earth Engine
4:57 – Web app using Dynamic World dataset
5:16 – Shoutout to Chris Brown
5:24 – View of geo-spatial multi-class classification model
5:45 – Architectural Diagram of approaching problem
8:36 – View of code lab
8:48 – What’s next / Shoutout to David Cavazos
9:10 – Tanya’s fun fact

Dynamic World:
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Duration: 00:10:00
Publisher: Google Cloud
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