Building mission-critical Apps with the new Azure Cache for Redis | Open Azure Day

Through partnership with Redis Labs, Microsoft has expanded upon the popular first-party Azure Cache for Redis service to expand functionality through two new Enterprise Tiers. Combining developer productivity with operational efficiency, the Enterprise Tiers allow users to leverage the world’s most beloved developer datastore to support mission critical apps on #Microsoft #Azure.

Now available in Public Preview, the Enterprise Tiers provide a new set of features engineered by the same developers that build and maintain Redis Open Source. The Enterprise Tiers are purpose-built for business and mission critical applications requiring the highest level of high availability, resiliency, scale, and security.

Join Redis Labs Amiram Mizne as he dives into the new functionality in Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise, including:
●A brief intro to Redis and Redis Labs
●Overview of new features in the Enterprise tier and popular use-cases
●Roadmap for additional features (i.e. Active Geo-Replication)
●Customer case study

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Duration: 00:21:59
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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