Building My First Kubernetes App | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talk

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Welcome to Mirantis Labs Tech Talks, a new, hands-on tutorial series from Mirantis highlighting all things Cloud Native. In this installment, Avinash Desireddy, Sr. Solutions Architect at Mirantis, will walk you through all the steps necessary to build & launch your very first Kubernetes Application.

Avinish will demo & elaborate on everything you need to get started building K8s applications including:
– Packaging the app
– Container Image
– Pushing and pulling images to and from the container registry
– Working with YAML files
– Defining Kubernetes objects
– And deploying using kubectl

0:00 – Introduction & agenda
2:03 – What is Kubernetes?
6:27 – Defining applications & containers
14:45 – Key Kubernetes features
19:28 – Overview of Kubernetes architecture
23:38 – Kubernetes objects: Pods
29:15 – Kubernetes objects: Service
35:40 – Live Demo: Building your Kubernetes app
51:45 – A word on Ingress
52:47 – A word on Namespaces
53:45 – How does all of this work with multiple apps?
55:16 – A look at our next Talk (register above)

Duration: 00:56:36
Publisher: Mirantis
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