Building resilient, mission-critical apps with Azure Database for PostgreSQL | Open Azure Day

Are you looking to deploy your mission-critical application to a managed Postgres database service that is secure, reliable, available—as well as performant and scalable? If yes, this session is for you.

You will learn about the new Flexible Server option in Azure Database for PostgreSQL that gives you zone-redundant HA as well as more control of your database configuration, networking options, and maintenance window. You will also learn how Citus—an Open Source extension to Postgres that transforms Postgres into a distributed database—is changing what’s possible for data-intensive applications. We’ll walk through some interesting applications that are already scaling out with Hyperscale (Citus), a built-in deployment option in #Microsoft #Azure Database for PostgreSQL. And we’ll explore how Kubernetes has opened the door to running Postgres on Azure in hybrid scenarios, too.

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Duration: 00:23:26
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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