Building stream processing pipelines with Dataflow

Here to bring you the latest news in the startup program by Google Cloud is Ella Grier!

Welcome to the second season of the Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups – the Build Series.

Build Series – Episode 6: Building Stream Processing Pipelines with Dataflow

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – What we’ll cover in the video
1:17 – What can Dataflow bring to your business?
2:31 – Dataflow Advantages
4:06 – How do you start using Dataflow?
6:02 – Windowing
7:20 – [Demo] Dataflow Demo Architecture
8:04 – [Demo] Dataflow Templates Demo
9:26 – [Demo] Dataflow Apache Beam Pipeline Demo
12:10 – How do you observe and monitor your pipelines?
12:44 – How do you optimize and scale your pipelines?
13:16 – How are other customers using Dataflow?
14:06 – Wrap up!

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