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BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device refers to the growing trend for employees using their own mobile devices for work purposes. Employees are increasingly using their smartphones or tablets to access their email, and use work systems.

Over 95% of companies have at least a few employees using their own devices. This can be positive, as it means employees are able to work while away from the office and stay up to date with emails outside working hours, however there are downsides.

The main drawback is the questionable security of the devices. If an employee brings their tablet computer to the office and connects to the network, there is the risk that any viruses on that tablet could be transmitted to the office network.

The best way around this is to limit the amount of information external devices have access to and ensure any devices that connect to it have sufficient virus protection.

BYOD gives employees the freedom to work remotely, and increases the flexibility of the workforce. However it is important to assess and manage the risks before giving employees free rein to link their devices to company drives.

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