Çağlayan Arkan presents the Art of Possible: Breaking free of scale purgatory in manufacturing

In this latest episode of the Art of Possible video series, Çağlayan Arkan, Microsoft VP and Global Lead for Manufacturing and Supply Chain, welcomes Howard Heppelmann, Divisional Vice President and General Manager, ThingWorx IoT Solutions at PTC to talk about the importance of digital transformation at scale. For many years, PTC and Microsoft have worked with thousands of companies to help them align business, organizational, and technology priorities in order to capture new value at scale. During this discussion, Howard and Çağlayan will explore their learnings and advice for manufacturers.

2:11 PTC’s own transformation
3:35 What dynamics are affecting digital transformation initiatives in factories
6:10 How and where should businesses start their digital transformation projects
7:45 Advice for companies that are stuck and trying to scale
9:26 Examples of where manufacturers are leading through scaling digital transformation
11:45 Top use cases and how to measure success
15:37 PTC’s advice to manufacturers

Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/industry/manufacturing/microsoft-cloud-for-manufacturing

Learn more about PTC: https://www.ptc.com/

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Duration: 00:20:54
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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