California-based inhouseIT Launches Local, Private Cloud Hosting Services

inhouseIT, a provider of managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses in Orange County, California, has launched its incloudIT services – a local, private cloud hosting service. Branded as “Your Local, Private Cloud,” incloudIT services would be a fully customizable private cloud offering built to suit the unique needs of any business. 

The incloudIT services would offer incredible flexibility and access at a predictable monthly cost. Along with rapid provisioning and instant modifications, incloudIT allows the ability to co-locate a line-of-business application that must remain on its current physical server platform but needs to run in the same environment as the cloud hosting infrastructure. 

private-cloud-california-inhouseit“A lot of cloud hosting services are a one-size fits all solution,” said inhouseIT Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chris Richner. “We found our clients have very specific needs and requirements that could not be met. Developing a local, private cloud means that we can take advantage of local data centers to enhance speed, bandwidth, and offer direct contact that some of our clients require.” 

Since 1998, inhouseIT has been providing comprehensive IT services to customers. The company provides IT operations support for on-premise and cloud hosting environments, and offers end-user support to over 400 businesses.

“Our clients are at many different positions on their cloud migration path,” said Glen Ackerman, CEO of inhouseIT. “And each of them has very different needs when it comes to moving to the cloud. We’re excited that incloudIT’s inherent flexibility and security can finally help them achieve their business goals.”