Camunda Starts Beta Test for DMN in the Cloud

BPM software vendor Camunda has announced a public beta test of their new ‘Decision Model and Notation’ (DMN)-related cloud offering. An IT industry standard for decision management, DMN allows business users to get involved in the technical implementation of business rules and even change them independently from rigid software development cycles. 

Camunda’s idea is to let any developer benefit from DMN without necessarily embedding and operating their DMN engine. “We have made this service as simple as possible, since we want all developers out there to benefit from DMN with minimal efforts,” said Jakob Freund CEO of Camunda.

camunda business proces managementDevelopers can create and test DMN decision tables directly in the web browser. They can deploy those tables to the Camunda server with one click, and then call and execute them from their own application via a REST API. The execution result will be sent back to the client application for further processing. On Camunda’s website, there are several code examples for different programming languages such as Java, Javascript, C# or PHP.

During the beta test stage the new service is free to use. However, Camunda gives no guarantees regarding availability, correctness and data protection. Currently, there is no date for general availability of Camunda‘s new service, as Jakob Freund explains: “We want to learn how the community adopts our offering, and based on that we will decide upon the next steps.”

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Camunda is a software vendor and consultancy specializing in Business Process Management (BPM). The company’s core product, Camunda BPM, is an open source platform for the automation of business processes. Camunda BPM is being used by companies such as AT&T, Lufthansa Technik, Generali and Zalando.