Canadian Web Hosting Announces Performance Upgrade Dedicated Servers

dedicated-servers-canadaHosting provider Canadian Web Hosting has announced a major upgrade to its Canadian Dedicated Servers with more RAM, additional SSD Storage options, flexible Private Cloud configurations, and 10-Gigabit networking with enhanced server optimization.

Now that Canadian Web Hosting has completed its performance upgrade for their budget dedicated servers and managed dedicated servers, its clients would be able to take advantage of increased SSD storage capabilities, 50% more RAM per dedicated server and increased bandwidth capacity that increases overall server speed, throughput and reliability.

Dedicated servers Vancouver, Toronto

The upgraded dedicated servers will be available immediately in Canadian Web Hosting’s Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON data center locations. As before, each dedicated server includes data center grade hardware with flexible storage and RAID options, the latest generation of Intel Xeon E3 and Xeon E5 processors, up to 256 GB of RAM and premium technical support.

The newly launched dedicated server upgrades would allow Canadian Web Hosting clients to better meet current ‘high-throughput’ web hosting requirements including high performance website hosting, application hosting, database hosting and indexing.

Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include cloud hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting for companies of all sizes.