Canadian Web Hosting Announces the Release of Their New Private Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, Canadian Web Hosting, has announced the general release of their new Private Cloud Hosting plans. Their cloud portfolio now includes on-demand Proxmox Private Clouds. These new plans are available in certified Canadian data centers in Vancouver, BC or Toronto, ON.

The new private cloud hosting plans give customers access to complete server virtualization management, support for both Windows and Linux images, “low-cost” managed support and advanced features.

Canadian Web Hosting’s launch of Proxmox Private Clouds in Canada gives customers access to a completely open source server virtualization system that utilizes KVM (Kernal-based Virtual Machines) running on lightweight container-based virtualization, Linux Containers (LXC) storage, virtualized networks and “high availability.”

cloud servers canadaEvery Canadian Web Hosting Proxmox Private Cloud includes advanced features out of the box. Customers get instant access to an “easy-to-use” central management interface, flexible backup and restore options, true high availability that keeps virtual machines online. The cloud servers also feature flexible network options, including bridged networking and VLAN/network aggregation, and shared storage options, such as NFS and SAN – with the ability to configure as many storage definitions as needed.

“Our customers are continually asking for open source alternatives to other leading virtualization systems that allow them to reduce their infrastructure footprint and costs,” said Matt McKinney Chief Strategy Officer of Canadian Web Hosting. “By offering a leading open-source system that integrates advanced technologies like Linux Containers, our customers get a system that is lightweight and ideal for production or development environments. We are able to help significantly increase their resource efficiency and give them better than average SLAs – it’s a win-win.”

“When you combine that with our expertise on our broad range of cloud services, compliance and support services, customers have an instant Private Cloud without the hassle,” added Mr. McKinney. “Starting today, we are offering Proxmox Private Clouds to anyone inside and outside of Canada without the typical vendor lock-in you see from other cloud vendors. In addition, every cloud exceeds Canada’s rigorous privacy requirements.”