Canadian Web Hosting Company 4GoodHosting Adds SitePad Website Builder


4GoodHosting, a web hosting provider from Canada with its core server banks located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, is replacing their existing website builder with an improved SitePad website builder.

Web hosting provider 4GoodHosting has had customers using their existing website builder for years already, but it is now replacing that option with a better one – a SitePad website builder. According to the web hosting company, it is a major improvement for their customers. The new SitePad tool would significantly expand their creative website building capabilities.

The SitePad website builder would add the following capabilities:

  • Powerful design options that are easy to use with drag n’ drop functionality that users say make it an easy-to-use website builder
  • 500+ pre-made templates that let users choose a theme and start to quickly envision what their web pages are going to look like
  • 70+ unique design widgets that can implement specific website design features with one touch
  • Full integration capability with most User CPs – including cPanel with 4GoodHosting web hosting in Canada
  • Fast-response customer support right when 4GoodHosting’s clients need it

4GoodHosting is offering a free demo of this new SitePad website builder through its website. 4GoodHosting implemented new SSD servers in January of 2021 for better performance, lower power consumption, and data security afforded to customers.

SitePad website builder
SitePad website builder