Canadian Web Hosting Joins Vancouver Internet Exchange

Canadian Web Hosting, a web hosting and hosting infrastructure company from Canada, has joined the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) – a network neutral, independent internet exchange based in Vancouver. The exchange interconnects multiple IP networks including networks of ISPs and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Today, VANIX is one of the largest IX’s in Canada. Canadian Web Hosting continues to expand its base of operations and services in Vancouver and is increasingly focused on their goal of delivering one of the industry’s lowest latencies for customers on the west coast and across Canada.

Matthew McKinney, Managing Director Canadian Web Hosting
“We believe that by joining VANIX our customers are well positioned for the next phase of application and IoT hosting,” said Matthew McKinney, Managing Director of Canadian Web Hosting.

By joining VANIX, Canadian Web Hosting continues to expand the availability of its recently launched CloudStream Canadian network backbone. With CloudStream, Canadian Web Hosting expects to maximize performance and network scalability, while offering up to full gigabit Ethernet connections for every server and device.

In addition, Canadian Web Hosting has removed any potential of data moving onto the public Internet, which in turn would increase security, giving customers the reassurance that their network usage remains 100% Canadian. The network is designed to handle and move massive amounts of data for current and future services like cloud hosting, IoT, video, enterprise apps and virtual reality (VR) apps. 

“As a leading service provider in infrastructure and cloud hosting services, we understand many of our new and existing customers’ pain points,” said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at Canadian Web Hosting. “With so many emerging technologies coming to the forefront that require low latency and high capacity network links, we believe that by joining VANIX our customers are well positioned for the next phase of application and IoT hosting and will be able to meet the most demanding requirements.”

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