Canadian Web Hosting Now Offering Latest OpenStack Release, OpenStack Ocata

Canadian Web Hosting, a provider of on-demand hosting solutions that include shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and IaaS solutions, has announced the impending release of their new 100% Canada-based OpenStack environment, OpenStack Ocata.

OpenStack Ocata is the 15th release of the most popular open source software for building clouds and is scheduled for public release in September.

The latest version of Openstack focuses on stability and security

According to Canadian Web Hosting, the addition of OpenStack Ocata will bring in a range of new features with improvements in stability, scalability, and manageability. This would mean that customers can expect higher uptimes, live migrations of Virtual Machines (VMs), and a variety of new services like VPN, DNSaaS, and relational database in addition to their cloud computing environments and cloud storage – that is fully Canadian.

This new deployment would offer an improvement in terms of allowing stable and fast instance upgrades (like adding more CPUs or RAM); a stable and highly available storage backend; load balancing between instances; firewall capabilities on a virtual router; and more. The developer and application focused environment would support new open APIs and offer additional support for containerized services.

“This latest version of Openstack focuses on stability and security, which is what we at Canadian Web Hosting strive to provide for all of our clients,” said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer of Canadian Web Hosting. “Our new Openstack deployment with Ocata should bring greater peace of mind for anybody looking to host services on a public cloud, thanks to the cutting edge of Openstack technology, backed with Canadian Web Hosting’s guarantee.”