Canonical and KEYMILE to Demonstrate Their ‘Revolutionary’ Cloud Based Open-Access Vision During MWC16 in Barcelona

Canonical and KEYMILE have joined forces to demonstrate their ‘revolutionary’ cloud-based open-access vision during MWC16, 22-25 February 2016, in Barcelona, Spain. Their architecture, OrcaX, would eliminate the last network demarcation obstacle to a fully open, virtualized, software-defined, cloud-based network infrastructure.

During MWC16, KEYMILE will demonstrate its OrcaX architecture sharing their vision of open resource cloud access. The architecture utilizes its new 1HU open hardware design running Canonical Snappy Ubuntu Core. The live OrcaX demonstration would showcase the tremendous benefits of scale and cost efficiency that can be achieved for VDSL and FTTH access deployments.

KEYMILE’s OrcaX architecture includes orchestration and ‘seamless’ interworking between customer-premises equipment, MSAN, aggregation switching, application servers and storage devices. It will include an app store infrastructure that triggers end-to-end service provisioning initiated directly by customers.

canonicalThis no-intervention, automatic, on-the-fly provisioning would even be able to switch on cloud server application software, activating computation, networking and data storage resources in the process.

KEYMILE is a global provider of ‘mission-critical’ communications and broadband access. Canonical is a provider of cloud-enabled and IoT software technologies and the company behind the cloud and IoT operating system, Ubuntu.

Bandwidth, Latency

“We are delighted to team up with Canonical,” said Axel Föry, chief executive officer(CEO) of KEYMILE. “This collaboration will enable us to deliver our vision of network access at cloud speed, which means provisioning in seconds rather than weeks or months, much more quickly. The Canonical-KEYMILE collaboration promises to unleash dramatic capital and operating expenditure savings for operators. Our aim is to deliver app-enabled current and future user services in record time while enabling new revenue streams associated with open resource innovation.”

The exponential growth of ICT networks is putting greater pressure on access networks. These challenges reflect an explosive increase in bandwidth demand and latency and delay variation requirements for better user experience and interactivity. The increase in over-the-top services and the forecast hyper-growth of connected devices in the Internet of Things is bound to accelerate this trend.

“The collaboration with KEYMILE is a game changer,” said Maarten Ectors, Vice President IoT, Next-Generation Networking and Proximity Cloud at Canonical. “Open sourcing MSANs will help telecom operators dramatically reduce their costs. App-enabling them will bring innovation, ease of management and even new revenue opportunities. This can be the first MSAN that generates money for operators.”

KEYMILE has its key facilities located in Germany and Switzerland, with subsidiaries and partners worldwide and installed systems in more than 100 countries.

“The partnership with Canonical was critical to the execution of our OrcaX vision because Ubuntu is the leading scalable cloud and next-generation networking operating system,” said Dr. Wolfgang Spahn, chief technology officer (CTO) of KEYMILE. “The popularity of Ubuntu for cloud networks is based on its exceptional performance and stability, and policy of regular free updates. Canonical enabling software, with its extensive cloud footprint, creates tremendous momentum in the realization of KEYMILE’s open-access hardware and OrcaX vision.”