Car Manufacturer Daimler Selects Colocation Services maincubes and Telehouse

maincubes, a European data center owner/operator with colocation facilities located in Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, together with international data center operator Telehouse have been selected by car manufacturer Daimler to house Daimler’s new digital infrastructure and platforms, according to Jörg Sommer, Director Data Center and Digital Workplace, Daimler AG.

Daimler is transforming itself from a traditional automaker into a provider of mobility services. The car manufacturer is also shaping ‘intuitive mobility’ with comfortable, user-friendly products and services that would simplify their customers’ lives and mobility. Daimler’s transformation efforts into becoming an integrated mobility services provider is called: CASE, which stands for Connected, Autonomous driving, Shared services, and Electrical drive.

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Daimler future

Daimler’s Car-to-X technologies for example would enable a completely new form of information exchange. With those, Daimler’s networked cars are able to look round the corner and through walls. It warns those coming behind it of hazards and prevents accidents.

The Mercedes E- and S-Class are now already the centerpiece of IoT (Internet of Things) and equipped for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Is a crossing blocked? Is the visibility poor? This data is forwarded by Daimler’s technology via highly secured data networks to Mercedes-Benz servers which are now located in maincubes and Telehouse colocation data centers. The servers can actually be seen as traffic control centers – with the Daimler vehicle fleet as the most important source of information.

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maincubes data center Frankfurt FRA01
As an expanding European data center provider, maincubes has large facilities located in Frankfurt, Germany (photo) and Amsterdam, the Netherlands respectively. A hybrid wholesale and retail data center, maincubes’ facility in Amsterdam also features private data center suites.

Innovative, Secure, Reliable, Sustainable

Daimler based its decision to co-locate their new digital infrastructure and platforms in data centers of maincubes and Telehouse in Frankfurt, Germany on key factors such as the innovativeness of technologies being used, the security levels, the reliability as well as the availability of the data centers. Also the sustainability was important for Daimler. In other words, the energy efficiency of the maincubes and Telehouse data centers had to be high while the power consumption was required to be as low as possible.

Daimler’s planned completion date for the migration of almost 20.000 servers and 140.000 network ports to the data centers of maincubes and Telehouse is end of 2024. Read the full blog post by Daimler’s Director Data Center and Digital Workplace here.

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