Caringo Launches CloudScaler 2.0 Enterprise Gateway

Caringo Launches Cloudscaler 2.0
Caringo Launches Cloudscaler 2.0

Object storage software supplier Caringo has announced the latest version of its CloudScaler enterprise gateway. Combined with its CAStor storage product, it would provide enterprises and service providers robust and efficient object storage as the foundation for dependable and scalable cloud storage service.

CloudScaler 2.0 adds Amazon S3 API support and increased control, authentication and metering of CAStor. The combined object storage solution provides enterprises and service providers with a feature set that meets the most demanding enterprise use case requirements.

Benefits of CloudScaler 2.0 include:

  • Enterprise features for cloud service providers: Leverages CAStor’s adaptive power conservation technology, WORM functionality, integrity seals (to ensure content integrity), and Elastic Content Protection, offering replication and erasure coding simultaneously to provide any storage SLA.
  • Fully customizable and transparent disaster recovery options: Increased control over content location for disaster recovery and access, with automated local and geographic distribution of objects to multiple locations.
  • Broad ISV and ecosystem support enabled by rapid S3 application integration: Most existing applications that support Amazon S3 will work seamlessly once reconfigured to send requests to CloudScaler.
  • Designed to be the foundation of any complete cloud offering through cloud platform interoperability: CloudScaler is seamlessly integrated with Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 and can work in conjunction with Apache CloudStack and Citrix Cloud Platform.
  • Eliminates the need to map content to a rigid naming scheme: Lightweight tenant and domain creation and allocation for easy storage management and flexible bucket naming.
  • Snap in to existing authentication processes and systems: Supports LDAP and Linux PAM authentication for integration into existing corporate identity management systems. Supports token-based authentication for pre-validated access logins.
  • Granular control of content access: A rich access control mechanism allows for coarse to fine-grained control over access (public or private) to content within a domain.
  • Simplifies cloud infrastructure management: Cloud storage infrastructure is easily expanded with no service downtime and automated storage balancing.
  • Offered through a perpetual license or on-demand pricing model.

“For many enterprise use cases S3 is not a candidate. Cloud storage service providers want on-demand storage like S3, but still need the performance, security and control of having storage behind their firewall,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “CloudScaler 2.0 and CAStor empower our customers to build solid and dependable storage services while maintaining control and ensuring content integrity to meet the most demanding cloud storage use case requirements.”

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