Caringo Unveils Its Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Storage solutions provider, Caringo, has announced the availability of Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure, allowing its customers to replicate files from S3, NFS, and HDFS to Microsoft Azure in the Azure native Blob format.

caringo cloud storageAccording to Caringo, its Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage would be a good foundation for “simple, bulletproof, limitless” storage solutions across several verticals, including M&E, HPC, Financial, Insurance and Government. By “seamlessly” converting files from an S3 object, Caringo object, Azure Blob or NFS accessible file, one can send files to Microsoft Azure for analysis, protection and long-term archive.

“The rate of innovation happening with the value-added compute service by Microsoft along with the sheer magnitude of the underlying infrastructure are operational benefits an organization cannot replicate within their own data center,” said Jonathan Ring, CEO and co-founder of Caringo. “Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure allows users to benefit from these services while also using Azure for Disaster Recovery.”

By integrating with Azure Blob storage, Caringo would deliver a complete hybrid cloud solution that offers the best of on-premises and cloud-based storage to use Azure compute services, as well as data protection, disaster recovery, and long-term archive.

“In typical hybrid cloud gateway solutions, files move to Microsoft Azure in an opaque form, either unusable to Azure compute services or inaccessible from other protocols,” said Tad Brockway, General Manager of Azure Storage, Microsoft. “The Caringo solution transfers files ingested via S3 or NFS to Azure in native Blob format so users benefit from the power of Azure compute services, data-protection, and long-term archives.”

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