Caringo Unveils Swarm 10 Platform and Single Server Object Storage

Caringo has announced the launch of its Swarm 10 Platform. This “major” release would touch every part of the Caringo Product suite and leverage Swarm’s “unique” pure-object approach to deliver performance at petabyte scale.

The object storage vendor has also launched a new single server appliance targeted at Media & Entertainment (M&E) organizations, specifically post-production houses, studios, broadcasters and small enterprises.

“Our Swarm 10 Platform is the culmination of over a decade of market hardening and continuous innovation to satisfy our customers who are driven by on-demand, distributed workflows,” said Tony Barbagallo, CEO of Caringo. “Swarm 10 gives larger organizations even more of what they already love about Caringo – performance, streamlined management, and granular data insight. And, with our new single-server appliance, smaller organizations have a much lower cost of entry to the most-scalable, on-prem, object-storage solution.”

Drives, Servers, Network

The Caringo Swarm pure-object solution contains all the software needed in a parallel architecture running in RAM. This method would extract every bit of value from standard drives, servers and network infrastructures. Highlights from Caringo’s latest object storage product release include:

  • Swarm 10 object storage has been optimized for dense, distributed environments, including an update to Elasticsearch 5.
  • New Swarm Single Server would reduce entry-level hardware requirements significantly. Swarm Single Server is a fully self-contained appliance that provides all the features of Swarm with 96 TBs of raw storage that can be racked or fit under a desk.
  • SwarmNFS 2.1 delivers parallel, petabyte-scale sustained streaming of NFS to object. SwarmNFS also leverages Swarm’s parallel architecture so that multiple instances can be deployed as needed to further improve throughput.
  • FileFly 3.0 now supports AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, providing file tiering from Windows and NetApp. In addition, a new, full-featured FileFly Community Edition is available that includes 25 TBs of useable data transfer to any target.