Carpathia Hosting Unveils Reseller Portal and Referral Partner Program

Carpathia Hosting, a large provider of managed hosting and cloud services, has launched the Carpathia Referral Partner Program and Portal, providing resellers and other hosting partners the necessary tools to refer new hosting business and get rewarded for those referrals.

Carpathia has already added several hosting partners to the Referral Partner Program, including award-winning telecommunications and technology consulting firm, Global Communication Group, Inc. (GCG) and Burstorm, a company known for its ability to analyze big data.

Carpathia Referral Benefit

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To join the Carpathia Referral Partner Program, interested resellers and other hosting partners must complete a three-step process that can be fully completed in less than 24 hours, which should be an easy task according to Carpathia. From there, authorized partners would enjoy benefits including commissions on referred customers, upsells to referred customers and easy-to-use submission tools for new opportunities with a guaranteed 48-hour response time.

“I have worked with a number of colocation and hosting providers, but have found Carpathia to have a unique approach in supporting global and complex requirements. That’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of their referral partner program,” said Brian Evars, Director of Business Development at Burstorm. “Carpathia can deploy and support infrastructure globally and is especially aligned to work with companies that need massive scale, which makes them a perfect fit for many of my referrals.”

Carpathia has also introduced the Referral Partner Portal, providing resellers and other hosting partners with secure access to a multitude of resources and marketing tools such as fact sheets, white papers and case studies to aid in identifying potential Carpathia Hosting customers.

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