Carpathia Launches Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management

Carpathia, a provider of hybrid cloud hosting services and managed hosting, has announced the availability of Carpathia’s Cloud Operations Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling enterprises globally to take advantage of Carpathia’s expertise in managing all elements of a hybrid compute infrastructure.

Carpathia’s Cloud Operations Platform for AWS would enable uniform management of AWS workloads in conjunction with Carpathia-hosted IT workloads. The management platform powers automated discovery, monitoring, management and operational support for IT workloads in the AWS cloud. A user of Carpathia’s Cloud Operations Platform for AWS will be able to have their AWS workloads instantly recognized and managed like any other IT workloads managed by Carpathia.

aws-cloudCarpathia customers receive a consolidated portal view of both AWS cloud resources and dedicated and private cloud resources in Carpathia’s data centers through a single pane of glass. Carpathia delivers this without restricting customers’ ability to utilize AWS native or 3rd party provisioning and orchestration tools. Customers can therefore implement the best combination of hybrid IT architecture to address their specific solution needs, while leaving management of IT workloads up to Carpathia.

AWS Partner Network

“Enterprises are faced with expanding complexity associated with managing hybrid compute environments and those workloads that move between 3rd party clouds, private clouds and hosted infrastructure,” said Peter Weber, chief executive officer (CEO) at Carpathia. “Carpathia’s differentiation is managing complex infrastructure, and our Cloud Operations Platform is purpose-built for customers that seek to have a single service provider manage their entire hybrid compute infrastructure.”

Carpathia also announced it is now a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Channel Reseller Program.

“Our customers have been seeking our assistance in addressing the complexities of hybrid infrastructure,” said Philip Hedlund, vice president of business operations at Carpathia. “Particularly, assisting them with the management of workloads that move between 3rd party public clouds and hosted infrastructures. Carpathia’s Cloud Operations Platform for AWS addresses those requirements and provides a platform for Carpathia to manage our customers’ workloads on both ends of their hybrid infrastructure.”

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