Cartika Introduces InterWorx-Powered Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Cartika, a Canadian provider of dedicated servers and cloud hosting, has announced the introduction of hosting plans based on the InterWorx web hosting control panel. InterWorx will be available on Cartika’s dedicated server and cloud hosting packages.

InterWorx is an intuitive modern Linux web hosting and bare-metal cloud control panel with advanced clustering capabilities. In addition to site, email, file, database, server, security, and Bacula4Hosts-powered backup management features, InterWorx incorporates advanced clustering and bare-metal cloud technology such as high-availability load balancing and resource scaling, automatic node replication, and dynamic server failover.

Cartika CDN

interworx-control-panelInterWorx will be available on Cartika’s dedicated server and cloud hosting packages. Cartika’s cloud hosting platform and dedicated servers would benefit from the company’s expansive international infrastructure, which includes AnyCast Domain Name Services, and the Cartika CDN.

“By bringing InterWorx to Cartika, we’re offering users of our hosting platform the choice to manage their sites and Linux servers with an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful web hosting control panel,” said Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Cartika. “We take our responsibility to our clients seriously – their businesses depend on our hosting – and we’re more than happy with the performance, flexibility, and advanced capabilities that InterWorx provides.”

Founded in Toronto in May 2000, Cartika has data center facilities in both the U.S. and Canada. The company offers a wide array of infrastructure services, complemented by extensive management solutions and clustering technologies.

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