CAST Aids Multi-Cloud Adoption with New Software Intelligence

CAST, a pioneer in software intelligence, has announced new technological advancements in its product CAST Highlight, a software intelligence solution for rapid application analysis. The product enhancements are intended to help enterprises improve their readiness for deploying critical applications across multiple cloud platforms.

According to CAST, organizations considering a multi-cloud strategy for their critical applications struggle to develop software that would be deployable across multiple cloud platforms.

CAST Highlight’s new ‘Multi-Cloud Readiness’ insights would highlight the exact code patterns inside an application that should be eliminated or avoided in order for it to be deployed on various cloud platforms or to ensure future cloud portability. For example, CAST Highlight would detect the usage of a cloud provider-specific document storage service, which may be appropriate in a single cloud model but should be evaluated if multi-cloud is the goal.

Cloud Native Services

CASTOnce an application has been moved to the cloud, adoption of cloud native services would be required to realize the full potential of the cloud. All of the main cloud providers have large, vendor-specific libraries of native services, which can be daunting.

CAST Highlight would simplify the process by proposing the best cloud services based on an application’s technical features. The latest version of CAST Highlight now suggests the finest IBM Cloud native services. When CAST Highlight detects that an application is manipulating persistent files, for example, the IBM Cloud Object Storage service is recommended, along with the necessary instructions for setting it up. This new feature complements the product’s existing cloud native service recommendations for Microsoft Azure and AWS.

More than 200 companies, including Wells Fargo, BMW, SNCF, and the US Air Force, Army, and Navy, utilize CAST Highlight to view what’s within tens of thousands of applications and accelerate their migration to the cloud. CAST Highlight is used extensively by global systems integrators such as Accenture, CGI, Cognizant, Infosys, LTI, Wipro, and management consulting companies like as BCG, Bain, and EY to assist their customers speed digital transformation.