Cataleya, a provider of Voice-over-IP switching and analytics has partnered with IPTP Networks, a global hosting provider, to “revolutionize” the international voice and messaging industry with the expansion of its Global Orchid Cloud Fabric to 71 data centers in over 30 countries.

Not only will Cataleya provide the SBC/class 4 switching, BSS and A2P functions within each node, it will also support tailored hosting and IP connectivity which is delivered and operated by IPTP’s “redundant and high availability” network of hosting data centers. It would represent a fully functional one-stop-shop deployment.

“Around 10 years ago transport network infrastructure saw managed ‘Virtual Points of Presence’ services start replacing operator-owned network nodes overseas, as the perceived value of network ownership came into question,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO of Cataleya. Outsourcing international interconnect hubs proved to be a very logical and sound commercial option, as the complexity and cost outweighed any benefit of ownership and operation. And now the time has come to virtualize of higher layers of services and applications such as voice and messaging.”

Global Hosted Services

Besides having expanded its global core node network to better meet customers’ regional needs, this to reduce media latency and offer additional geo-redundancy, Cataleya’s hosted global services can now also meet GDPR requirements in Europe, as well as other regulatory guidelines in countries where data or CDR processing must remain local.

“This represents an entirely new way of deploying global infrastructure, giving telecom operators the efficiency and agility they crave to better compete and innovate,” said Vladimir Kangin, CEO of IPTP. “We are proud to partner with Cataleya to support their hosting and network requirements, enabling them to offer this revolutionary approach to deploy global network functions.”

Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development and support teams in Silicon Valley, Pune and London.

IPTP Networks is a global (AS41095) network provider as well as a systems integrator with over 175+ location on-net and 70+ Points-of-Presence globally and branch offices on each continent: Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

During 24 years in the market, IPTP Networks has offered to more than 3,000 clients and partners a wide range of connectivity and infrastructure services which includes Internet access, L2 MPLS, IP/IX transit, and remote peering to IX, colocation, and dedicated hosting.

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