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CDN Hosting

A Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of servers where data in the form of texts , graphics, files, software, webpages and more is distributed to CDN nodes across a region or around the globe. A CDN environment, also short for Content Distribution Network, is used to improve and maintain high availability and it is used to cache static assets of websites geographically closer to users to increase performance. In this category you find our news articles about CDN and CDN Hosting.

Fastly Unveils Cloud Optimizer for Multi-Cloud and Multi-CDN Environments

Edge cloud platform provider Fastly has unveiled Cloud Optimizer, a new offering that enables critical, high-traffic content delivery by sitting between a company’s content delivery network (CDN) and its central cloud.

Cloudflare Buys S2 Systems Corporation for Browser Isolation Technology

CDN company Cloudflare has acquired S2 Systems Corporation (S2), a company that has developed patented browser isolation technology to make every-day web browsing safer and faster.

CenturyLink Launches New Content Delivery Network (CDN) Platform

CenturyLink is launching a new content delivery network (CDN) platform that would allow businesses to create “highly responsive and more secure personalized web application experiences.”

Fast Technologies Launches Platform for Scalable (CDN) and File Hosting

VIDEO - Fast Technologies has announced the launch of Fast.io, a platform for “scalable and reliable” file hosting. It is a solution for designers, developers, and marketers looking to automate everything needed to host and track files and static websites at an enterprise scale.

CDN Provider Cloudflare Announces Support for HTTP/3

CDN company Cloudflare has announced support for HTTP/3, the new standard of the web that would make the Internet faster, more secure, and more reliable for everyone.

Limelight Networks Announces Enhanced Video Delivery Services at IBC 2019

Limelight Networks has announced new enhancements to its Video Delivery Services at the IBC 2019 event in Amsterdam. This would further improve the quality and performance of digital experiences for Limelight’s customers worldwide.

CDN Market Size Worth $23.1 Billion by 2025, According to Grand View Research

The global CDN market size is expected to reach $23,064.3 million by 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.7% over the forecast period, according to a new market study conducted by Grand View Research.

CDN Provider CDNetworks Unveils Global Edge Computing Platform

Global content delivery network provider, CDNetworks, has announced the launch of its Edge Computing Platform Service (ECP).

G-Core Labs Extends International Reach, Adds New Network PoP for CDN and Hosting in...

G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions for content delivery, hosting and security, is expanding its infrastructure in the Middle East by adding a new network Point-of-Presence for CDN (content delivery network) and hosting in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

CDN77 Unveils End-to-End Live Streaming and VOD Platform, Streamflow

Global CDN provider CDN77 has announced the launch of its stand-alone platform for video processing & delivery. Catering to ever-expanding needs of digital publishers, Streamflow aims to reduce the complexity of their video delivery workflow - by housing publishers’ entire live, linear and on-demand infrastructure under one roof.

Cloudflare Registers Trademark Sun Microsystems Slogan, ‘The Network is the Computer’

The phrase was first coined in 1984 by John Gage, the 21st employee of Sun Microsystems, where he was credited with building Sun’s vision around “The Network is the Computer.” Now CDN company Cloudflare has successfully registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office the trademark for the phrase, ‘The Network is the Computer.’