Saturday, December 2, 2023

CDN Hosting

A Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of servers where data in the form of texts , graphics, files, software, webpages and more is distributed to CDN nodes across a region or around the globe. A CDN environment, also short for Content Distribution Network, is used to improve and maintain high availability and it is used to cache static assets of websites geographically closer to users to increase performance. In this category you find our news articles about CDN and CDN Hosting.

Gcore Unveils Cloud-based Image Optimization for CDN, Image Stack

Global CDN and edge solutions provider Gcore has released Image Stack, developed to optimize images processed on Gcore’s all-in-one edge solution.

Cloudflare Starts $1.25 Bn ‘Workers Launchpad’ Startup Funding Program

In collaboration with renowned venture capital investors, CDN provider Cloudflare has unveiled a brand-new investment scheme for startups, the Cloudflare Workers platform.

CDN Provider StackPath Introduces IP Spotlight

StackPath has made it possible for its ‘WAF Essentials’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’ customers to track and collect useful information on IP addresses without paying any additional fees.

Cloudflare’s Object Storage Solution Now Globally Available

The distributed object storage called Cloudflare R2 Storage, which does away with egress fees, is now globally available. For developers, Cloudflare R2 Storage would provide a better method to store and access anything they require.

Microsoft Unveils New CDN Offering, Microsoft eCDN

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of CDN provider Peer5 last year, the vendor has now unveiled its latest content delivery network offering, Microsoft eCDN.

CDN Provider StackPath Reinforces Focus on IT Channel

StackPath is formally launching its Channel Partnership Program. It has hired Frank Stepczyk as head of channel partnerships to drive IT channel growth.

Fastly Now Global Sponsor of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Global edge cloud platform, Fastly (NYSE: FSLY), is now an official worldwide sponsor of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust SASE Platform, Cloudflare One

Cloudflare has announced several new capabilities for Cloudflare One, its Zero Trust SASE platform. Advanced email security protection, data loss prevention tools, cloud access security broker (CASB), and private network discovery are some of the new features for Cloudflare One.

Vbrick Unveils Standalone eCDN Offering, Vbrick Distribution

Vbrick, a cloud-native end-to-end enterprise video solutions provider, announced the launch of Vbrick Distribution, a secured and scalable eCDN that is now available as a standalone product outside of Vbrick’s EVP.

Nitrado Selects G-Core Labs to Scale Its IT Infrastructure Internationally

Nitrado, an international gaming server hosting firm, has turned to G-Core Labs, an international cloud and edge provider, for IT infrastructure solutions.

CDN Company StackPath Introduces New WAF Packages

StackPath, a global CDN as well as edge computing and edge security solutions provider, has announced the general availability of new subscription levels of the StackPath Web Application Firewall (SP//WAF).