Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks and data from digital attacks. Organizations must have a solid security strategy and implementation program for how they deal with digital security and cyber attacks. Users of networks must be aware of potential security risks and follow corporate policies and guidelines to keep their online environment safe. In this category you find our news articles about cybersecurity.

Expert Blog: Database Backup Security – A Beginner’s Guide

Today, data is critical to ensure an organization’s growth and production continuity. Organizations generate, process, and store large volumes of data to keep up with the continuously evolving digital landscape. Read the Expert Blog by Alex Tray,

Aviatrix Launches Distributed Cloud Firewall

The ‘Distributed Cloud Firewall’ is the newest advancement in network security for cloud settings from Aviatrix, a top developer of secure cloud networking solutions.

Europe Emerges as DDoS Battleground in Arelion’s Latest Threat Landscape Report

The latest cybersecurity research paper published by Arelion examines the overall effect of DDoS attacks globally, the development of attack vectors, and the impact of significant social and geopolitical events.

Expert Blog: The Endless Loop of Malware Reinfection

In the world of cybersecurity, malware reinfection is a pressing concern. Recently, BitNinja’s threat management team has discovered a malware variant responsible for a significant portion of these reinfections. Read the Expert Blog by Szabina Korga, BitNinja.

Alibaba Cloud, CertiK Collaborate to Provide Blockchain Security for Cloud

Alibaba Cloud and CertiK, a blockchain security firm located in New York, have joined up to provide blockchain security services to cloud-based Web3 projects

Expert Blog: Beware the Return of Wednesday

Last year, the threat management team of Bitninja discovered a malware they called ‘Wednesday 5.5’, which caused havoc on servers around the world. Now, the malware has evolved to ‘Wednesday 5.6’. It seems that ‘Wednesday’ is a name that strikes fear in the hearts of both fans of the show and IT professionals alike.

Kyndryl Launches Managed SASE Service in Partnership with Fortinet

Global provider of IT infrastructure services, Kyndryl, has introduced a new managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution fueled by Fortinet.

Palo Alto Networks Adds ML-Powered Firewall to Microsoft Azure

The ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) from Palo Alto Networks is being added to Microsoft Azure as a fully managed Azure-native ISV solution.

Expert Blog – Let’s Change Terminology to Promote Inclusivity

In order to promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, it is important to be  mindful of the language we use. Certain words and phrases can perpetuate a culture of exclusivity and racial stereotypes. To combat this, many companies are rethinking the language they use and making changes to promote inclusivity. Read the Expert Blog by Szabina Korga, BitNinja.

New Solution from Cisco to Detect Advanced Cyberthreats Quickly

Enterprise networking and security technology vendor Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) has disclosed the latest progress to realize its vision of the Cisco Security Cloud, a unified, AI-driven, cross-domain security platform.

SentinelOne Launches Threat-Hunting Platform with AI Capabilities

SentinelOne has launched a threat-hunting platform that uses generative AI and reinforcement learning to autonomously identify, halt, and remediate cyberattacks at machine speed.