Dedicated Hosting

Where shared hosting provides services to multiple users to be hosted on a single server, dedicated hosting is a configuration where one server is dedicated to only one user or organisation. Dedicated hosting is available in several forms. The end user organisation can manage the dedicated server environment theirselves or the hosting provider can manage the server for the end-user organisation. In this category you find our news articles about Dedicated Hosting.

Expert Blog: Bare Metal Cloud vs. Dedicated Servers

The concept of dedicated servers has not changed since the birth of the Internet. Although modern technologies have given rise to new server types, at the core of our digital world still sits the good old dedicated server. The only thing that has changed over the decades is how we deliver and consume dedicated server resources. A perfect example of that change is the bare metal cloud server. Read the Expert Blog by Danilo Danicic.

IDC: Worldwide Converged Systems Market Grew 0.3% Y-o-Y

The worldwide converged systems market revenue grew 0.3% year over year to $3.9 billion during the third quarter of 2020, according to IDC.

Expert Blog: Enabling IT Innovation with API-Driven Infrastructure

The history of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a long one, but it is the past decade that saw them gaining real traction in infrastructure management. The rise of the cloud, the growing demand for business agility, and the proliferation of third-party APIs are some of the key trends that influenced the adoption of API-driven infrastructure. Read the Expert Blog by Bojana Dobran, Product Marketing Manager at phoenixNAP.

CloudLinux Invests $1 Million Annually into CentOS Clone

The maker of Linux-based operating systems for web hosting providers, CloudLinux, will invest $1 million annually in Project Lenix. This open source community-driven initiative around its RHEL fork is intended as a safe haven for CentOS users “left stranded” with Red Hat’s announcement this month.

Platform9 Unveils SaaS Managed Bare Metal Orchestration Platform

Platform9 has unveiled a fully managed bare metal solution, Platform9 Managed Bare Metal. It will help IT teams transform their installed physical dedicated servers into bare metal clouds, leveraging the API-driven “automation and simplicity” of Platform9’s SaaS managed experience and bare metal controller.

Expert Blog: Testing GPU Servers with New NVIDIA RTX30 in AI / ML Tasks

In early September 2020, NVIDIA debuted its second generation GeForce RTX 30 family of graphics cards, the Ampere RTX architecture. NVIDIA broke with tradition when its new generations of cards were sold more expensive than their predecessors, which means that the cost of training models has remained more or less the same. Read the Expert Blog by: Dmitry Asafyev, CMO at HostKey.

IDC: Worldwide Server Market Revenue Grew 2.2% Y-o-Y in Q3 2020

Vendor revenue in the worldwide server market grew 2.2% year over year to $22.6 billion during the third quarter of 2020, according to IDC. Worldwide server shipments declined 0.2% year over year to nearly 3.1 million units in Q3 2020.

Sagenext Selects phoenixNAP to Deliver Accounting Software Hosting Services

SageNext, a US-based managed hosting provider specializing in tax and accounting application hosting, has selected phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal dedicated server platform to provide specialized application hosting solutions to businesses looking to move their tax and accounting software to the cloud.

NEC Unveils PCIe-based Vector Engine Card

NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) has launched its PCIe-based Vector Engine card (Vector Engine) globally. It’s aimed at High Performance Computing (HPC) use cases for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Plesk Appoints ZNet Technologies as Global Distributor

WebOps platform Plesk has appointed cloud services provider ZNet Technologies as a global distributor of Plesk solutions.

NVIDIA DGX Station A100 Offers AI Data-Center-in-a-Box

NVIDIA has launched its NVIDIA DGX Station A100 - a petascale workgroup server. The second generation of this “groundbreaking” AI system, DGX Station A100 would accelerate demanding machine learning and data science workloads for teams working in corporate offices, research facilities, labs or home offices everywhere.