Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Dedicated Hosting

Where shared hosting provides services to multiple users to be hosted on a single server, dedicated hosting is a configuration where one server is dedicated to only one user or organisation. Dedicated hosting is available in several forms. The end user organisation can manage the dedicated server environment theirselves or the hosting provider can manage the server for the end-user organisation. In this category you find our news articles about Dedicated Hosting.

QSC Unveils New NS Series Gen 2 Network Switches

The Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 enterprise-grade, NETGEAR-manufactured AV network switches are now available from QSC. These switches are pre-configured to satisfy the needs of the Q-SYS audio, video, and control platform, offering an out-of-the-box option for deploying stand-alone AV networks “quicker and more reliably.” 

Shopify Expands Hosting Areas to Every Continent

Shopify has invested significantly in its global hosting infrastructure to ensure that online stores and their GraphQL Storefront API are available to every buyer on the planet within 50 milliseconds.

New OpenVPX Blade Server by Mercury Systems Offers Advanced Security

Mercury Systems has introduced its EnsembleSeries HDS6705 blade server. It would come embedded with one of the industry’s most powerful, general-purpose processing 6U OpenVPX blade server.

G-Core Labs Unveils Service to Rent Bare Metal Servers in Public Clouds

G-Core Labs, a global CDN, cloud and edge solutions provider, has introduced a new service: dedicated server rental with cloud-like capabilities, also known as Bare-Metal-as-a-Service. This solution enables the deployment of a ready-to-use physical service in minutes.

StorONE Launches PartnerONE Program, Hires New VP of Worldwide Channels

Software-defined enterprise storage platform provider, StorONE, has hired storage industry veteran Bill Cordero to join its executive team as vice president of worldwide channels. He is in charge of launching the company’s new PartnerONE program as well as increasing the company’s Enterprise Storage Platform’s global footprint.

A2 Hosting Unveils New Bare Metal Dedicated Server Solutions

Hosting services provider A2 Hosting, a company from Ann Arbor, Michigan, delivering its services worldwide, has announced the availability of its bare metal dedicated (BMD) servers in both managed and unmanaged plans. The new bare metal solutions leverage AMD EPYC processors and Intel Xeon processors along with NVMe SSDs. AI OS Integrates with Supermicro to Provide End-To-End AI Experience and Supermicro have announced a collaboration that will maximize Supermicro systems for Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads. along with Supermicro AI purpose-built servers would produce a coordinated, managed, and easy to use machine learning infrastructure.

Brazilian Bare Metal Cloud Provider Maxihost Expands Footprint to Mexico City

Maxihost, a global provider of on-demand bare metal cloud solutions headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, has partnered with KIO Networks to launch a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) for its bare metal cloud platform in Mexico City.

Ultra-High-Density HDDs Made with Graphene Store 10x More Data

Researchers at the Cambridge Graphene Centre have demonstrated that graphene may be utilized for ultra-high density hard disk drives (HDD), with up to a tenfold improvement over present technology.

New Version of Varnish Enterprise Caching Software Released

Caching technology provider Varnish Software has released a new version of its flagship caching software, Varnish Enterprise. Their latest release has been enhanced with new capabilities and optimizations that would make it easier to construct complicated edge logic and succeed in multi-tenant setups.

NVM Express Releases Rearchitected NVMe 2.0 Library of Specifications

NVM Express has released the NVMe 2.0 family of specifications. The restructured NVMe 2.0 specifications would allow for faster and easier NVMe solution development to serve an increasingly diverse NVMe device environment, which now includes hard disk drives (HDDs).