Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Dedicated Hosting

Where shared hosting provides services to multiple users to be hosted on a single server, dedicated hosting is a configuration where one server is dedicated to only one user or organisation. Dedicated hosting is available in several forms. The end user organisation can manage the dedicated server environment theirselves or the hosting provider can manage the server for the end-user organisation. In this category you find our news articles about Dedicated Hosting.

New Version of Varnish Enterprise Caching Software Released

Caching technology provider Varnish Software has released a new version of its flagship caching software, Varnish Enterprise. Their latest release has been enhanced with new capabilities and optimizations that would make it easier to construct complicated edge logic and succeed in multi-tenant setups.

NVM Express Releases Rearchitected NVMe 2.0 Library of Specifications

NVM Express has released the NVMe 2.0 family of specifications. The restructured NVMe 2.0 specifications would allow for faster and easier NVMe solution development to serve an increasingly diverse NVMe device environment, which now includes hard disk drives (HDDs).

phoenixNAP Unveils Kubernetes Controller for Bare Metal Cloud

Global hosting provider phoenixNAP, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company delivering dedicated servers, colocation, and bare metal cloud, has released its Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) Controller for Kubernetes.

Rapid Expansion of AI-Ready and NVIDIA-Certified Server Systems

At Computex, NVIDIA has announced the certification of dozens of additional servers to run NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, indicating a rapid expansion of the NVIDIA-Certified Systems program, which now includes more than 50 server systems from prominent manufacturers around the world.

SSDs Get Built-In Protection Against Ransomware

Storage solutions provider Phison and cybersecurity technology company Cigent are releasing an SSD platform that uses mechanisms built into the SSD’s firmware to protect against ransomware and data theft. These Cigent Secure SSD drives are now accessible to the general public including dedicated hosting providers.

Supermicro Introduces a Range of Data Center Liquid Cooling Solutions

Data center solutions vendor Supermicro has announced a range of liquid cooling solutions that will enable the most demanding applications to run with less jitter and at higher CPU frequencies. Supermicro is able to develop, deploy, and test the latest liquid cooling technologies at the rack level in collaboration with clients.

Samsung Launches New Power Management Solutions for DDR5 Modules

Samsung has launched its integrated power management ICs (PMICs) - S2FPD01, S2FPD02 and S2FPC01, for the fifth-generation double data rate (DDR5) dual in-line memory module (DIMM).

Intel, QuTech’s New Research: Tackling Quantum Interconnect Bottlenecks

In order to address the interconnect bottleneck, existing between quantum chips sitting in cryogenic dilution refrigerators and complex room-temperature electronics that control the qubits, Intel and QuTech shared their key research findings.

Korea Unveils $450 Billion Investment Plan to Become Chip Manufacturing Giant

The government of South Korea has announced an ambitious plan to improve the chip industry. It aims to persuade the country’s semiconductor manufacturers to invest 510 trillion won (370 billion euros) in expanding the chip industry by 2030 by offering generous incentives and tax breaks.

Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Its Custom Dedicated Server Options

Private cloud and  and dedicated server solutions provider, Hivelocity, is now including AlmaLinux OS with their custom dedicated server options. As an open-source Linux distribution built for and around the CloudLinux community, AlmaLinux offers users a free, enterprise-grade OS alternative to distributions like Fedora and Red Hat.

Synology Unveils Two New Storage Server Systems

Storage technology vendor Synology is continuing its push into high-end server storage with the launch of two new RackStation solutions, RackStation RS2421+ and RS2421RP+. Both storage systems are built to excel at large-scale general storage applications, including as backup, file, or private cloud server.