Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dedicated Hosting

Where shared hosting provides services to multiple users to be hosted on a single server, dedicated hosting is a configuration where one server is dedicated to only one user or organisation. Dedicated hosting is available in several forms. The end user organisation can manage the dedicated server environment theirselves or the hosting provider can manage the server for the end-user organisation. In this category you find our news articles about Dedicated Hosting.

Broadcom Unveils Trident 4-X7 Switch, Transforming Data Center Efficiency

The Trident 4-X7 is a fully programmable switch, which boasts a 4.0 Terabits/second speed, is specifically designed for Top of Rack (ToR) boxes in enterprise data centers.

Solidigm Unveils High-Capacity SSD for Data Centers

Solidigm, a global provider of advanced NAND flash memory solutions, has unveiled its quad-level cell (QLC) solid-state drive (SSD) for data centers.

Exploring Robust Alternatives to CentOS Amidst Red Hat’s Licensing Changes

Over the last several years, a lot of server users have been looking for CentOS alternatives. It’s essentially the result of RedHat’s modifications to CentOS’s license and continuing maintenance. Joins Liquid Web Family of Brands within CloudOne Digital

CloudOne Digital acquires, and expands its Liquid Web Family of Brands. The deal boosts their multi-cloud strategy and global footprint.

Mastering Server Refresh Cycles: Ensuring Competitiveness and Efficiency

In the data center environment of a business with self-installed server equipment, the server refresh cycle is a key aspect of keeping up with modernizations and enhancements.

AlmaLinux OS Foundation Pivots from RHEL Clone to ABI-Compatible Model

Benny Vasquez, Chair of the Board of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation, has made a forward-thinking announcement regarding the future of AlmaLinux OS.

Arm’s SystemReady Program Hits 100 Certifications, Revolutionizing Tech Standards

Arm, establishing best practice standards and certifications for continuous software development, has announced that their SystemReady program has surpassed 100 certifications.

Rocky Linux Promises Continued Support Amidst RHEL Changes

Rocky Linux continues to assert its resilience and capability to thrive as a reliable and free-of-charge substitute to RHEL also amidst evolving conditions of access.

New Dedicated Server Offerings from TurnKey Internet as It Expands into Europe

To better serve its clients, TurnKey Internet, a Colohouse company and a global supplier of colocation, cloud, bare metal, and managed services, has opened its first site in Europe with new dedicated server offerings.

Xen Project Developer and Design Summit 2023 to be Held in Prague

The Xen Project Developer and Design Summit 2023, taking place June 24-26 in Prague, Czech Republic, will welcome the Xen community to the open source hypervisor, which is housed at the Linux Foundation

AMD Unveils High-Performance EPYC Processors: Boosting Cloud Capabilities

AMD has added two high-performance, workload-optimized processors to its 4th Gen EPYC CPU lineup, extending its reach into cloud computing and technical computing markets.