Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Expert Interview: ‘The Pandemic Has Fueled the Growth of Accessible OpenVPN Servers’

Corero Network Security recently published their annual DDoS Threat Intelligence Report. HostingJournalist sat down with Co-author of the report and Corero CTO Ashley Stephenson to have a talk about the report containing trends, observations, predictions, and recommendations. Read the full interview.

Interview: ‘Companies Migrate to Private cloud for Cost Reduction and Data Control’

Since March 2021, Gabriel Beims Bräscher has been the new VP of Apache CloudStack. He began his involvement with CloudStack while still a university student, and rose through the ranks to become a contributor, PMC member, and now VP of the project. HostingJournalist sat down with him to have a chat.

Interview: ‘The Co-Located CFD Software Helps us Optimize the Racecar’s Bodywork’

Forze Hydrogen Racing is one of only two hydrogen racing teams worldwide. The team has now migrated its IT infrastructure from an on-premises environment at the Delft university campus to Greenhouse Datacenters’ colocation data center. Martijn Loonen, Chief Aerodynamics at Forze Hydrogen Racing, shows us the value of the IT infrastructure for the team and his considerations for migrating the IT infrastructure.

Interview COO INXY: “Hosting Companies Always Seek to Boost Sales”

INXY.HOSTING offers a marketplace where you can choose from a wide selection of hosting services including dedicated servers, CDN solutions and managed DNS services. Some well-known hosting brands offer their products here, such as Verizon, Highwinds,, and Leaseweb. HostingJournalist sat down with Vadim Kolchev, COO of INXY, to talk about their business model.

Interview CEO BitNinja: “Our Long-Term Plan is to Defend 100M Websites”

As a fast-growing cybersecurity company, BitNinja has closed two investment rounds in the past two years. The company now aims to add a US-based lead investor in its Series B round. HostingJournalist had a conversation with BitNinja founder and CEO George Egri, who explains a bit more about the company’s strategy, market expectations and trends being observed.

Interview CEO CloudFest: “I am Pretty Sure That We Will See Hybrid CloudFest Formats...

The CloudFest event in Rust, Germany, is the only cloud, hosting and data center industry event with such a high fun factor. Before the pandemic, that’s to say. Will this year’s online event, March 23 – 25, be as much fun? And what about the new owners of CloudFest who bought it from GoDaddy recently, are they planning to do things different?

Interview phoenixNAP President: “Bare Metal Cloud is the Underlying Layer for New Products”

Unmanaged hosting services provider phoenixNAP launched its brand new bare metal cloud platform in 2020, while also launching vertical CPU scaling on its bare metal servers. talked to phoenixNAP President Ian McClarty about their bare metal cloud product launch, the impact of the pandemic, and the company’s expectations for 2021.

Interview Silk CTO: “Getting Out of the Storage Hardware Business Has Been a Liberating...

Silk, a cloud data platform provider formerly known as Kaminario, with global offices located in North America, the UK, and EMEA, and its R&D in Israel, has been transforming its business from selling all-flash arrays to becoming cloud block storage solutions provider. HostingJournalist sat down with Silk CTO Derek Swanson to talk about their business transformation, Silk’s market position, and market trends they’re responding to.

Interview phoenixNAP President: “One of Our Most Important Partnerships is with Intel”

phoenixNAP is in the business of unmanaged hosting services, at a global scale. sat down with CEO Ian McClarty to talk about their specific position in the hosting market and their go-to-market strategies and experiences.

Interview G-Core Labs VP: “Our Content Delivery System is Ready for Any Traffic Load” sat down with G-Core-Labs’ Vice President Products, Dmitry Samoshkin, for an interview about edge computing, peering, network PoP targets, business considerations and ambitions, as well as his personal view of the market.

Interview Jelastic CEO: “We Expect Strong Growth of the Container-First Strategy” sat down with their CEO, Ruslan Synytsky, to learn more about current trends with regard to the use of Kubernetes and container orchestration, as well as Kubernetes issues and opportunities identified for CSPs and MSPs.