Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Expert Blog: Multi-Cloud – Bringing Agility to Enterprise Connectivity

Public cloud adoption continues to accelerate. Enterprises are increasingly using multiple cloud services to make full use of the benefit that each cloud provider offers. With more enterprises embracing this multi-cloud model, they need to understand how to connect their clouds and manage them to unleash their full potential. Read the Expert Blog by Michel Robert, CEO of Epsilon.

Expert Blog: How To Avoid Simple Website Launch Mistakes In 2021

Considering over a billion websites have been launched since the inception of the World Wide Web, you’d think the launch of a poor website would be a rare thing by now. Think again. Read the Expert Blog by Rodney Laws, ecommerce expert.

Expert Blog: How Secured is Your Server room? 10 Simple Questions

In addition to security at the information technology level, many IT managers underestimate the physical hazards that can paralyze the technical infrastructure in server and equipment rooms. These include, for example, smoldering fires from faulty insulation that can lead to a fire, water intrusion, excessive temperature and humidity, or unauthorized access to non-public areas. Read the Expert Blog by Thomas Fritz, CEO of Kentix.

Expert blog: 5G + EDGE Computing – Accelerator for Telco B2B Marketplace

In recent years, telecom companies launching value-added services took somewhat a center stage be it selling music or personalized caller tones, cloud services, or turning themselves into digital solutions and managed service providers. Many of them globally monetized their customer base and launched a full-fledged ICT business. Read the Expert Blog by Ajay Gupta, Jamtracker.

Expert Blog: Capture the SMB with a Personalized Approach

In 2020, cloud services came to the rescue of many organizations. Businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and government departments were all compelled to rapidly adopt services that enabled remote working, collaboration and communication. It was a grand experiment forced on us by circumstances – and it worked, changing how we do business for the foreseeable future. 

Expert Blog: How DLP Systems Have Changed

The DLP systems market, as the industry veterans remember it, looked quite different from what it is today. Initially, DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems were cumbersome and provided modest capabilities. The planning and implementation processes could take about six months. Today, these systems have changed. Read the Expert Blog by David Balaban.

Expert Blog: Top Tips to Choose Your Colocation Provider

As costs of managing and maintaining in-house data centers rise, enterprises are reconsidering their infrastructure and attempting to minimize on-premises data center space. Colocation data center providers are becoming a more attractive and cost-effective solution, offering physical locations as well as power, cooling, network, and security services for their customers. According to 451 Research, nearly half of all enterprises plan on increasing their use of colocation services over the next two years. Read the Expert blog by Herman Chan.

Expert Blog: Bare Metal Cloud vs. Dedicated Servers

The concept of dedicated servers has not changed since the birth of the Internet. Although modern technologies have given rise to new server types, at the core of our digital world still sits the good old dedicated server. The only thing that has changed over the decades is how we deliver and consume dedicated server resources. A perfect example of that change is the bare metal cloud server. Read the Expert Blog by Danilo Danicic.

Expert Blog: Enabling IT Innovation with API-Driven Infrastructure

The history of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a long one, but it is the past decade that saw them gaining real traction in infrastructure management. The rise of the cloud, the growing demand for business agility, and the proliferation of third-party APIs are some of the key trends that influenced the adoption of API-driven infrastructure. Read the Expert Blog by Bojana Dobran, Product Marketing Manager at phoenixNAP.

Expert Blog: 5 Use Cases for Vertically Scalable CPUs

Scalability is an essential part of the modern app development and deployment process. Making sure your app can adapt and grow to successfully accommodate demand is paramount. In addition to software, the infrastructure and compute resources powering your app must also have scaling capabilities. In terms of infrastructure, the two most common approaches are vertical and horizontal scaling. Read the Expert Blog by Danilo Danicic.

Expert Blog: 10 Ways DCIM Software Can Help Plan a Data Center Migration

Data center migrations are complicated projects that can strike dread into the hearts of even the most experienced data center managers. Aside from organizing various teams for different aspects of the move, you also need to ensure that the right assets are moved and installed safely and correctly and keep all stakeholders apprised of progress and new developments. Want to learn more? Read the Expert Blog by Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software.