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NYI Expands 60 Hudson Street Data Center Operations in New York City

By including the data center area formerly occupied by Equinix, NYI has increased the size of its dat center operations at 60 Hudson Street.

Thales Develops Globally Recognized Algorithm for Post-Quantum Cryptography

An algorithm co-developed by Thales becomes part of the first U.S. and international standard for post-quantum cryptography.

Life Sciences CSP Selects Cloudian Object Storage

A new service offering built on Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform has been unveiled by Validated Cloud, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in the Life Sciences sector.

Study: Threat Landscape Predominated by Wipers and IoT Botnets

In the first half of 2022, the threat landscape was disrupted by wiper malware, IoT botnet activity, and the Russia/Ukraine war, according to the most recent OT/IoT security report from Nozomi Networks Labs.

Quantum Fiber Now Delivers Symmetric 8 Gigabit Internet Speeds

One of the fastest Internet speeds in the U.S. is now being provided by Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN), through its fiber internet service Quantum Fiber.

Study: Organizations View Multi-Cloud Strategies as Beneficial

Survey results of ‘The 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey' commissioned by HashiCorp, shows significant business benefits from using multi-cloud infrastructure.

Study: Network Misconfigurations Cost Businesses 9% of Revenue

Exploitable misconfigurations cost businesses 9% of their annual revenue on average, although the real cost is probably higher, according to a study commissioned by Titania and Coleman Parkes.

Limited Available Land and Power Hamper Data Center Growth in EU and US

Worldwide demand for data center space remains high, according to datacenterHawk’s just released Q2 data center analysis report.

First Google Cloud Region Coming to New Zealand

In order to address the rising demand for cloud services both locally and globally, Google Cloud has announced that its first cloud region will be coming to New Zealand.

Overland-Tandberg Expands its Server Solutions and Storage Offerings

Data protection and storage solution supplier Overland-Tandberg has announced a thorough expansion of its server and storage product lines.

Distribution Partner Nuaware Helps Mirantis Extend Its Reach Globally

Mirantis has signed a collaboration contract with distribution partner Nuaware. Nuaware will help Mirantis extend its reach by delivering Lens to developers worldwide.