Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Uptime Institute Videos

Since 1993, Uptime Institute has been a respected provider of educational and consulting services for Facilities and Information Technology organizations interested in maximizing data center uptime. The Institute has pioneered numerous innovations which serve as industry standards today, including the Tier Classifications which rate data center availability.

Modular and Multi-Tier data centers: Uptime Symposium 2011

Vince Renaud of Uptime Institute Professional Services discusses the top data center concerns for 2011-2012, and lays out the topics to be discussed at...

Bonnie Nixon, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett Packard

Bonnie will explain how HP aligns its technology, environment, and business strategies to reduce its environmental impact, provide practical solutions to make it easy...

Dr. Christopher G. Malone, Thermal Technologies Architect, Datacenter R&D, Google

Googles published Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) results have set a new standard for data center efficiency and generated considerable industry discussion. This session reveals the...

Uptime Institute – Silicon Valley Leadership Group

This video explores the collaboration of organizations in Silicon Valley who together designed pilots to measure and increase data center energy efficiency. Deborah...

Uptime Institute Symposium 2009 – Lean, Clean, and Green

The Uptime Institute Symposium is an annual Spring event that brings together all industry stakeholders in corporate data, IT, finance, facilities, and real estate...