Wednesday, January 27, 2021

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine and runs its own copy of an Operating System. VPS servers share underlying physical hardware with other VPSes. As multiple VPSes share these same hardware resources, performance may be lower compared to dedicated servers as performance may be influenced by other VPSes running on the same physical environment. In this category you find our news articles about VPS Hosting.

Hosting Provider ComfortHost Acquires all assets of Advantagecom Network

ComfortHost, a portfolio company of New York-based private equity investment manager Cloud Equity Group, has acquired all assets of Adantagecom Networks Inc. This strategic deal is intended to expand ComfortHost’s global hosting footprint.

Anonymous VPS Provider BitLaunch Launches Developer API

BitLaunch, an anonymous VPS and Cryptocurrency VPS hosting provider has released a brand-new developer API and command line tool.

OVHcloud US Unveils New Virtual Private Server Offering

OVHcloud US, a subsidiary of global cloud infrastructure provider OVHcloud, has introduced its latest line of virtual private servers (VPS hosting). The new VPS line offers five customizable resource configurations, each with a wide range of software options and add-on features.

Onlive Server Launches VPS Hosting in Japan

Onlive Server, a web hosting provider from India providing VPS Hosting services to more than 35 countries including the European market, has launched cloud-based and SSD-powered VPS Hosting services in Japan.

G-Core Labs Expands Presence in U.S., Launches New Point of Hosting in Ashburn

International cloud and edge solutions provider, G-Core Labs, has expanded its presence in the United States by opening a new point of hosting in Ashburn, Virginia. The new hosting location in Ashburn is part of the company’s global CDN.

Anonymous VPS and Bitcoin VPS Provider BitLaunch Launches New Data Centers

BitLaunch, an anonymous VPS and Bitcoin VPS provider, has launched three new data center locations - in Los Angeles, US, Amsterdam, NL, and London, UK.

Managed Hosting Company CloudScale365 Acquires eApps Hosting

CloudScale365, a managed IT services company providing SaaS and managed services to enterprises globally with a USA-based support team, has acquired eApps Hosting and their ‘Create-a-Cloud’ platform.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Now Integrated with itopia Cloud Orchestration Platform

itopia, a cloud automation solution for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has announced a strategic partnership with NetApp. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service will be integrated with itopia’s cloud orchestration platform.

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

Most of the website owners begin utilizing shared web hosting. In time, as their site develops and requests more assets and capacities, they may require all the more dominant hosting choice. A Virtual Private Server is generally considered as the wandering stone between shared facilitating (shared web hosting) and committed facilitating (dedicated servers).

Latest Hive Fabric Release From HiveIO Brings NVMe Caching and Graphics Acceleration

HiveIO has released version 7.3 of Hive Fabric, an Artificial Intelligence-ready fabric solution that would enable organizations to deploy virtualization technology without the need for vendor complexity or specialists.

Connectivity Provider NetActuate Launches Services in London With Volt Data Centres

NetActuate, a global provider of network and infrastructure services including an anycast platform, virtual servers, bare metal and IP transit, has launched its services from London, UK, in a data center operated by Volta Data Centres.